This Sunday, we will see the power of REWIND – the power to look back over our past and see God’s hand. In the book of Joshua, we find the people of God still not having entered the Promised Land. What should have taken days has taken 40 years. In that time there has been rebellion, doubt, complaint, and sin. And yet God is gracious to them and moves them forward with new hope, a new leader, and a new year. As they miraculously cross the Jordan River, He gives them a special task to help them change how they see their past. Instead of looking back with regrets He would give them a new lens for seeing. He knew that for them to be able to move forward to their future, they would have to have a new way to see their past. There is much that God has for believers personally and in the church. In order to experience all that He has, we must see our past through His eyes. There is so much in the story of Joshua 4 that will help us do just that!

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