Driven – 6: Driven Keeps Moving Forward At God’s Direction In Spite Of What Seems Impossible

This week, in the 6th installment of Vertical Church’s Driven series, we follow Moses and the Children of Israel right up to the edge of the Red Sea. The Scripture says that God could have led them on a shorter path to the Promised Land, but instead we find that God sovereignly led them into desert, danger, and a dead-end. In His wisdom and power, He would use what they saw as impossibility to reveal His majestic and victorious power! When we find ourselves at places that seem impossible in our life, it is easy to lose our drive. But when we open our eyes to see by faith in what God has called us to, we find hope ignited, faith growing, and drive come alive. Pray for those who have lost their drive. Pray that they will see what is unseen, trust the One who holds all things by His power, and surrender their will to the One who has gained victory for us!

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