Beach Faith – 5: Find Rest From Sin And Enter The Depths Of New Passions In Christ

We continue our exciting Beach Faith series this week with a new depth of what it means to be at rest in Christ. The New Testament says that when Jesus suffered, He was made to rest from sin. That same passage then calls us to have that same mindset. We're called out into the deeper waters of all that is ours in Jesus Christ, but in order to do so we have leave behind our past and our sin. We have to come to places in our life where we are finished and at rest from who we once were.

This is a message of great calling and freedom, but it is also a message of great challenge. The pull to stay on land and where we're comfortable is great. The joys out in the depth are greater, but few will take the steps.

Our prayer should be for a spirit of obedience to all that God is speaking! What awaits us in the depths of Christ is of greater wonder than we could ever imagine!

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