Prepare For Harvest – 1

This week, we begin a 3-week mini-series called, “Prepare for Harvest”. Jesus looked at the culture He walked in with all of its sin, rejection of Him, worship of false gods, and corruption and saw something different than the disciples. Where they saw hopelessness and gross immorality, Jesus saw HARVEST.

Because He saw with eyes of vision, hope, and faith, it completely changed the way He prioritized His life, related to people, and prayed. Just as Jesus taught His disciples to see with eyes of HARVEST, He also calls us to not despair, not withdraw, not become bitter, but to see our nation, culture, and community with yes of HARVEST.

This is our day to believe!
This is our day to cry out!
This is our day to no longer doubt!
This is our time to reshape our lives!

This is the time of HARVEST!

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